Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is the story of a girl who saw many wonderful fashion bloggers pairing cable knit tights with shorts and boots. This girl loved this look and wanted to try it herself. Sadly, her wardrobe was lacking both wool shorts and cable knit tights. She scoured the internet for a reasonably priced pair and came up with options from Banana Republic, J.Crew, and Gap - Gap being the best priced at two for $20. So she drove to the mall and purchased two pairs of beautiful knit tights. Then she ventured down to Sears and was looking around the sale racks. There in all their glory were are pair of gorgeously thick charcoal grey cable knit tights and for the low price of $5.99. This very frugal girl immediately took her butt back to Gap and returned the overpriced tights in favor of the $5.99 ones. This girl was me - surprise, surprise.

Obviously, these are my new tights and I love them. I really do wish I had the wool shorts instead of the denim ones, but I love how it turned out nonetheless. I love nature prints and jewelry for some reason, so this bird and branch shirt is a favorite of mine. I normally only break it out in the summer but since I'm wearing shorts I thought, hey why not?

(Shirts: Bird-Target Black-F21; Shorts: Target; Tights: Sears)

I've had an oddly productive day. Since BG is with her grandma today and the weather is gorgeous, I'm off to check out some new (to me) thrift stores and possibly take a stroll around my new campus because I start classes on Monday - yay! No seriously, yay, I looove school! Yes, I am a total nerd.


Amy said...

You look adorable and I like the tights with your jean shorts! Wow, and for $5.99, such a great deal! I must check out Sears more often because obviously I am missing out. :)



Emily Kennedy said...

Oh neat! What are you studying?

D. said...

@Amy Yeah, I never would have thought Sears but they have an awesome collection of tights - tons of colors and patterns.

@Emily Kennedy I'm going for Interdisciplinary Studies and Arts/Humanities. I want to teach kindergarten and/or college humanities.

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