Monday, January 18, 2010


Today was spent trying to find a place that would cash a postal check so that I could get a few last minute things I needed for school - um, no luck. When I went to bed last night I had the dress/blazer/wedges combo in mind but today proved to be far too windy for said outfit. Plus, I ended up having a play date at the park with the boyfriend's sister, her daughter and her nephew and the wedges were not practical for sliding purposes. Plan B was not quite as cute as plan A was, but it got the job done. It's okay though because my best friend is coming down for a visit at the end of the month (yay!) and I'm sure I'll get the opportunity to wear this cute combo then.

Plan A:

(Blazer: Thrifted; Dress: Nordstrom; Shoes: Coach; Belt: Thrifted)

Plan B:

(Blazer: Thrifted; Shirt: Victoria's Secret; Jeans; F21; Shoes: Converse)

I start classes tomorrow. I always get super excited about the first day of classes. I love everything about it - the optimism of starting fresh, the new school supplies, the new people/professors you get to meet, everything. It has such a rosy outlook to me. This semester is going to extra exciting (read: busy) because I am getting into my classes for my major. I still get super excited about planning my first day outfit. I still don't know what mine is going to be yet but I'm thinking a dress because I feel like being girly. Does anybody else get excited about the first day or work/school/whatever outfits or am I just a total nerd?


Kyla said...

That's a kick ass blazer! What a great thrift find!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love the dressed up and dressed down look with the blazer. Just shows what a great staple it is to have!

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

like the dress and the blazer is fab!! ;)

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