Friday, January 8, 2010


Today was the first day I had any desire to even leave my house. I had to buy BG a new earring because she lost the back to one of hers and had been running around with just one in for the last week. So today holds a trip to Walmart and Target. Can I just say, I could live in Target. I love it - seriously. I could get lost in that store for hours.

Coming back from that tangent, about the outfit. I really love this belt. I bought it from the huge F21 in Union Square when I was in NY for my best friend's birthday. It also came in an awesome teal color and I'm kicking myself for not buying both. At the time I was trying to resist buying things I love in every single color.

(Turtleneck: Walmart; Tank: Target; Cardigan: F21; Belt: F21; Jeans: F21; Flats: Anne Taylor Loft; Coat: F21, Sunnies: Anne Taylor Loft)


Jessica said...

Cute stripes!

Thanks for the advice on the camera :)

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

what a nice blog! I like your style! You have a new follower ;)

Kyla said...

Oh, my god! I'm dying over that ring! I have a thing for elephants, because they have such a special place in the lives of my husband and I. Unfortunately, there is no F21 anywhere NEAR me! Boo!

I love your cardigan, too. It looks fantastic belted like that!

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