Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Raise your hand if you love the first day of school?
*Desiree raises hand!*

Whew, what a day. It seemed really long but when I looked back, I really didn't do much but listen to professors read their syllabi and spend about a million dollars on books. While we're on the subject of books - Can these publishers not knock the price down just a smidgen? I bought a USED (yes not new) math book for $104.25! Come on people, help a starving student out! At least I'll be able to keep three of the books for when I start teaching, they look like they have some excellent reference material. Find the positive, the glass is half-full.

Oh yes, my outfit. This skirt used to be a dress but I shrunk it. It was long enough that I may have been able to retain some modesty if I wore it with tights but decided to chop it up instead. It had a black tank attached to it, so I just cut that off and - viola, a new skirt. I am also planning on wearing it belted as a tube top with cutoffs when the weather gets a little warmer.

The rest is pretty simple. Tight = warmth in cold classrooms. Low heels because I didn't know how much walking I'd be doing. Pop of color (mustard!!) in the form of a belt. While I was in class I wore my burgundy sweater from "Black Love Brown" because those classrooms really are freezing.

Now I'm off to pour through the endless amount of first-day-of-classes paperwork. Hope you had a great Tuesday!

(Shirt: F21; Skirt: F21/repurposed by me; Tights: Walmart; Shoes: Steve Madden; Belt: F21)


Fashion Therapist said...

I'm loving the print/colors of your skirt.

E said...

Ugggh textbooks are so expensive! But I love how you made that skirt pop by pairing it with the black pieces - very pretty!

Emily Kennedy said...

Cute skirt! Way to remix an old item!

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