Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I had every intention of getting dressed and going to Joanne Fabric to get dye to do an over-dye job on a pair of jeans that need an update buuuut I really wasn't feeling so hot so I stayed home. This outfit proved to be awesome for lounging though. Leggings+dress+comfy sweater = lounging bliss in my book.

I nabbed two sweater coats on sale at Old Navy for $20 each. I am a huge fan of the sweater coat because I live in Texas and a lot of the time it doesn't get cold enough to wear a real coat until December-ish, thus the sweater coat tricks me into thinking that I am actually getting to participate in lovely fall fashion.

This belt was from my very first thrifting experience. I am now on a search to find something similar but in an awesome cognac/tan/brownish color to wear with summer dresses and cowboy boots. Well, to wear with summer dresses and cowboy boots AFTER I find myself a great pair of cowboy boots. So basically, I have the outfit in my head and almost zero of the elements. Ahhhh I will find them though.

(Sweater: Old Navy; Dress: H&M; Shirt: F21; Leggings: Walmart; Boots: Enzo Angiolini; Belt: Thrifted; Rings: Thrifted & Step-Dad's class ring)

These boots, oh these boots. I love them. They are my very first flat leather boot purchase (1/2 off at the Nordstrom semi-annual sale) and I wear them to death. They are super comfy and just a smidge big so that I can wear thick socks with them. They are just fabulous.


Justine said...

Tea. This is the one and only time I'll be a proponent of health over wine. :)


Second Skin said...

You look impeccable for being a little sick! Oh the magic of dressing and smiling! I do hope you feel better now. AND those boots are So killer!! the side detail is juuuust right!

Emily Kennedy said...

Way cute! Flat boots open up a huge world of excellence, don't they. Also, that sweater coat is really excellent.

Angelina Marie Bibliophile said...

I have been waiting forever to have a blog on this site so that I could comment on how much I love this outfit.

I love this outfit much :)

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