Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The skies were blue today. In response to the color that was showing outside, I decided to infuse my outfit with a bit of color. I've been experimenting with mixing colors within my closet. I've even gone as far as to hang three different color wheel photos on the inside of my closet doors - I'm getting serious haha.

I love this leopard coat. It is such a classic cut and it is the perfect leopard pattern because it IS possible to make a bad leopard pattern. It always spices up any outfit. Plus, it was only $30. For a winter coat, I'd say that is a steal.

So this is blue and orange mixed. I wasn't too sure about it but I like it now. I think for each color combination I'm going to need time to see it together, once I have it in my mind that it is an outfit - it automatically matches in my head.

This orange shirt was not born orange. It is actually this unloved shirt. I decided I was sick of pairing colors with neutrals so I dyed nearly all of my white shirts and sweaters bright colors. I'm really liking how it turned out.

(Coat: F21; Shirt: F21; Vest: Walmart; Pants: F21; Sunnies: Target; Boots: Target; Bangles: super cool $1 jewelry store)

These fun little bangles found their way to me through the $1 jewelry store. On Christmas Eve BG gave up her binkie. She put all of them into a little mailbox for Santa to give to the baby elves. In return, Santa left her big girl presents. Every time we find another binkie laying around, she gets to put it in her mailbox and the next day Santa brings her a little present. Last night we found two (gasp!) binkies in a drawer, so today "Santa" went to the $1 jewelry store to get her big girl presents (dress up rings, bracelets, and necklaces). Well, Santa also found some gifts for Mama, hence the new bangles. I know that is a lot of background info just to tell how I got new bangles BUT I wanted to share because I know some of you all have children and the Santa thing work GREAT for giving up binkies, I totally recommend it.

And PS: If you haven't hear "For Blue Skies" by Strays Don't Sleep, I totally recommend downloading it. It was the inspiration for my title - um, obviously.


Melrose said...

i kinda love the idea of throwing a color wheel or two inside my closet!
the color combination is great, and to see the orange peek out under the print is too awesome.

and your story is super cute :) I don't yet have kids, but I'll be sure to stash it away for future reference.. because what little princess wouldn't want big girl gifts?

Emily Kennedy said...

A color wheel inside your closet is great idea. What makes the three different?

D. said...

I'm telling ya, she does love the big girl things! =)

Emily - I'm glad you asked that! I figured everyone would just assume I'm crazy. I will do a post on it to answer your question.

Fashion Therapist said...

That orange shirt looks fabulous on you and really does compliments the day.

eliza said...

i love your leopard coat, gorgeous!


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