Monday, February 8, 2010


With the exception of one or two days, it has been cloudy and/or rainy for the past two weeks. It makes me happy and productive, which is probably not the norm as far as feelings for rain go in the style blogging world. I don't know why I love rain so much. Maybe it is because Texas doesn't get very much rain, so I savor it when we do. Either way, I'm one happy camper.

I did lots today. None of those things required me to look nice, or even get dressed at all for that matter. I didn't leave the house, which ended up being a great thing because I had lots to get done at home. Alas, even though I didn't leave the house - I did get dressed and no, not just to take these pictures! =)

I love this hat! My wonderful bf got it for me. I've been looking at it forever and he got it over the weekend. Today was the perfect day for a hat (had I actually gone anywhere). This scarf is the softest, coziest scarf I own. I got three colors (green, teal, black) of them from Walmart (for $5!) last Black Friday. Sadly, my black one has gone missing. Oh, and this ring? It cost a dollar. I actually got a bunch of other cute things, so be looking for them!

(Shirt: Victoria's Secret; Shirt (under): Walmart; Sweater: Target; Jeans: F21; Scarf: Walmart; Shoes: Minnetonka; Hat: Target; Ring: Super Cool $1 Jewelry Store)

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E said...

That is a great hat! What a thoughtful gift!

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