Friday, February 26, 2010


I looked forever for a fedora that I loved and I found this little guy at Goodwill for $1. I think it was a good buy. It kinda makes me feel like an old man.

I have been dying over Spring clothes. Lots of things are appealing to me this season that I never thought would. Probably the most shocking is my huge desire for light, airy colors. I am a self-proclaimed black clothing junkie yet I am drawn towards the beautiful muted colors this year.

I'm not COMPLETELY ready to trade in my cozy sweaters and tights yet but I'm getting there. I would still like a few good weeks of winter and then I think I'll be all set.

(Sweater: F21 / Shirt: Target / Necklace: Sam Moon / Pants: F21 / Boots: Thrifted)

PS: Download "Three Rounds & a Sound" by Blind Pilot


Kyla said...

This is what I call a PERFECT outfit! I LOVE the colors, the necklace and that FANTASTIC hat!

I got my necklace yesterday. Thank you so, soooo much! It's even more amazing in person! I can't wait to wear it :) You really are amazingly sweet!

alya said...

I really like how the hat elevates this simple look. Very chic! The detailing on the necklace is nice too. The little tan ribbon adds something different...can't quite pinpoint it, maybe it's just that the color isn't otherwise used in the outfit???

Ah, well, in any case, lovely ensemble!

Emily Kennedy said...

Mmm, yummy warm red. This is really cute, nice proportions.

Amy said...

I think this is one of my FAVS of yours! The outfit is so simple, but it is that necklace!


Kendi Lea said...

That hate is amazing, I can not believe you found it for $1. Great find!

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