Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Who read The Little House on the Prairie books? I did (and I saw all of the movies, to boot!). I feel like Laura Ingalls in this dress. It gives me visions of running through tall grass without a smidge of civilization in sight. No? Ok, well if you're seen the show or movies, you know that is how they all begin.

On the other hand, I don't think Miss Ingalls wore mustard colored Hue tights that she got for $3.75 at Dillard's =)

The snow is gone. It is sad because now we get to look at dead brown grass for another few months. But, don't let the lack of snow fool you, my fingers were pretty much frozen when I was done taking these.

(Dress: JCPenny / Sweater: F21 / Tights: Hue / Boots: Thrifted / Belt: Thrifted / Ring: Super Cool $1 Jewelry Store)


Lipstick Rules said...

Love this look!
And yes, a modern take on Laura Ingalls Wilder!

I read all the books and watched the show. Melissa Gilbert is now singing in the MUSICAL version of Little HOuse on the Prairie...a bit weird no?

Emily Kennedy said...

There are a ton of Laura Ingalls Wilder prints popping up in fashion. I'm kind of loving it. Which is weird, because normally I'm not a small flower print kind of girl.

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Lovely outfit!

I just followed your blog!

Fashion Therapist said...

I LOVED that show growing up. I would wake up extra early just to watch it. Great inspiration.

D. said...

I'm SO glad that you all got the Little House reference. I love them growing up as well!

I wasn't so sure about the small flower print either, Emily, but I think it was the dusty blue color that got me. Plus, it matched my new tights PERFECTLY!

@Candy - Thanks for following!

Jessica said...

I love your tights and boots! Pretty print on the dress.

Stop by my blog and enter my giveaway!

Kristin said...

Lovin' the tights!

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