Friday, February 5, 2010


North Texas saw the sun today! Unfortunately, the sun was not helpful in taking my pictures. I had to hide behind my house in order to escape it. I toyed with one of the photos I took out in the sun (the bottom one) and I kinda like how it came out in an artsy sorta way.

Tonight I'm going out to eat for Q's birthday. A whole bunch of us are going to Gloria's in Frisco for great Mexican food and drinks. If you are ever in Frisco, Texas you HAVE to check it out. It is so yummy.

I am so upset that you can really see my shoes in these photos. Try and zoom in because they are super cute. I built this entire outfit around them. They are one of the pairs that I thrifted yesterday from Salvation Army.

(Shirt: Nordstrom; Wrap: Banana Republic; Skirt: Target via my best friend; Tights: Walmart; Shoes: Thrifted; Belt: F21)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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