Monday, March 8, 2010



I did not take these pictures today. On the way to observation today I spilled coffee AND apple juice on my white shirt. Then, on the way to lunch I got a rip in my tights, and not the cute I'm-wearing-shredded-tights-on-purpose kind of rip. Then, when I got home it was pouring down rain. Obviously I scratched the outfit post for today and am sharing this outfit from Saturday.

Saturday was rugby day and family birthday dinner day. Which, in turn, means that I was going to be stuffing my face with yummy yummy food and wanted to be cute and comfy. I am loving these jeans lately. I don't really wanna take them off, I actually wore them all weekend (oops!).

(Shirt: A'Gaci / Cardi: Nordstrom and overdyed / Jeans: F21 / Belt: F21 / Shoes: Thrifted)
(Oh and please excuse the silly face, my mum was distracting me haha.)

Ok, so I'd like to say that I am not and will never be the kind of girl that can walk into her closet, start throwing on items and look fabulous. This became painfully clear this morning when I tried on four different outfits before leaving my house. I plan my outfits the night before, to the extent that I hang everything (clothes, jewelry, shoes, bag) on a rod in my bathroom. Most of the time I end up wearing whatever I picked out with very few tweaks. Very rarely do I scrap the entire outfit and start from scratch. Sometimes I wish I could just fly by the seat of my pants, but I realize I will always be a planner. That's okay though.


Kyla said...

Gotta love days like that!

And I don't think many people can walk into their closet and walk out looking fabulous. Once in a while things will come together like that, but usually you have to have something in mind. I think you are very smart for laying everything out the night before. I hate the mornings when I got through 4 outfits and then end up late and wearing something that I'm not really that fond of.

P.S. Love your shoes. Nude flats are on the top of my spring wish list!

Emily Kennedy said...

Don't you wish we got some sort of work credit when we had to go back and re-do our outfits multiple times in the morning? Seriously. It's alot of effort!

Alyssa said...

i LOVE the way your belt and sweater match your necklace (or the other way around, whatever! lol)! Very pretty.

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