Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Only two pictures today. I lost my wallet this morning and was feeling kind of down when I took these pictures. In the meantime, somebody found it and called me. It is actually very encouraging. The woman who found it spent all day trying to find a number for me, finally around 5pm she was able to find one with the name off of my student ID. When I met her to pick it up, we met at the hospital. Her daughter had been sick all day, yet she still took the time to make sure I got my wallet back. I am so thankful for people like this. We should all strive to be so nice.

(Sweater: F21 / Shirt: Walmart / Skirt: Thrifted / Tights: TJMaxx / Sunnies: Target / Shoes: Nordstrom / Scarf: Mum's Closet)

PS: My tights are a beautiful pastel pink, or at least they were in the package. When I put them on they stretched into a whitish color. I guess I can't complain because I snagged them for, like, 90% off ($2) at Ross!

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