Tuesday, March 2, 2010


To be fair, this outfit did not come easily. I spent the better part of yesterday evening trying to figure out what to wear with this beautiful necklace that I won from Amy over at The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire.

I love the wonderful spring colors in my new necklace and I wanted to pair it with some mint green tights, a white sweater, a chambray skirt, and nude heels. Since I do not own mint green tights or a chambray skirt, this was out of the question. The white sweater and nude heels made their appearance; though the heels were ill advised. It rained all day yesterday which resulted in very muddy shoes after my little photo shoot. If nothing else, the necklace is still gorgeous - thanks Amy!

(Sweater: Target / Shirt: Target / Jeans: F21 / Shoes: Bandalino / Necklace: won from Amy from The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire)

In other news, I am debating whether or not to purchase some pastel colored tights. I'm thinking mint green, peach, lilac, baby blue, ivory - perhaps not all of them but along those color lines. I'm a tiny bit hesitant because it gets hot so quickly in Texas and I'm worried I won't get much wear out of them. But after last night's outfit dilemma, I'm rethinking it. What do you guys think?


Amy said...

YAY, you got it!! OMG, I love the way you pair it with green top and white sweater...it really let's the necklace pop out. Great cuffed jeans too!



Jessica said...

Pretty necklace!

Kyla said...

I'm crazy about cuffing my skinnies lately! Love it!

Leah said...

I love the colors of your outfit today... the green and the white plus the fabulous colored necklace... so spring and so fresh! xoxo

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