Saturday, March 20, 2010


For the last week my mum's best friend has been in town. We haven't really don't much of anything other than hanging out, but we have fun just doing that. For her last day here we wanted to do something special, so we settled on the butterfly exhibition at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. My mum and I have been wanting to take BG forever and since it was such a beautiful day, it was perfect for butterflies and a picnic. I'll let the pictures do the talking because there are lots of pretty ones.

This is a very picture heave post. You have been warned. =)

(Skirt, Socks, Cardi: Target / Shirt: A'Gaci / Hat: Walmart / Shoes: Payless / Belt: Thrifted)
(Inside the Butterfly Exhibition. It was so cool to see them flying around everywhere.)
(BG was so adorable when we were picnicking. She kept hiding behind the tree.)
(We were pinkie promising something.)


Emily Kennedy said...

He he he. You're so cute. That's the perfect outfit for a butterfly outing.

Jen said...

awww these pictures are all so adorable and perfect for the springtime (as well as your outfit!) :)
i'm especially loving the last shot!

Starr Crow said...

look at her curls!! she is so precious. i love your outfit too, with the hat and knee socks. very pretty!

heather said...

you guys look like you had a blast. and you're outfit is too cute. i love love love it

Ambre said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fifth (I think?) picture - the one after you & BG... The one of BG by herself. She has gotten so much bigger since the last time I saw herrrrr :( We need to reschedule our play dateeeeee! :)

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