Tuesday, April 6, 2010


...will crumble when you have an accident prone two-year-old. I was all set in my pretty coral tunic, skinny jeans, and wedges - until my poor BG fell and received a pretty hefty gash dangerously close to her eye. Scrap the wedges - into the Toms I go; forget the skinnies - cut off short are much more practical for tending to a little girl on a hot day.

So, I didn't go to class today. Instead we went straight to the hospital to see if the cut was bad enough for stitches (thankfully it was not).

Instead of school, my day consisted of: a nice long nap with BG, a walk to the super market for guacamole and honey dew (yum), and reading outside while BG took her dolly on walks around the backyard.

001 011
(Tunic: Thrifted JCrew ($3!) / Shorts: F21, DIY cut offs / Shoes: NY&Co - Yes I cheated and wore the wedges for the photo, gasp)


Fashion Therapist said...

That tunic is such a steal. I bought the exact same one for my boss, but not at that amazing price you got it for.

alya said...

So pretty! The ruffles and the color are gorgeous.

Sorry about BG, but I'm hoping and guessing she's ok since she could take her dolly on walks. :)

Alyssa said...

oooh, LOVE your top! What a fabulous thrift find. And I'm quite fond of your necklace as well. Thanks for sharing! You look so young I'm surprised to find out that you have a 2-year-old! :D

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