Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Remember this scarf? Well this dress was its birth mother. I separated them after a very tearful goodbye one day when I felt I had nothing to wear. Unfortunately, I was at Q's house and had neglected to bring the correct undergarments for such an outfit. So the separation was all for naught. It is a very sad story, really.

After wearing this I realized that it truly does need a proper hem job and that taking meat scissors to a dress on your boyfriend's bathroom floor when you're in a hurry does not lead to quality cutting.

And actually, if we want to get technical, this dress is really a skirt and a very long one at that. I thought it would be a cute summer tube dress that I could wear as a maxi skirt if my heart desired. This was before the whole cutting incident, so I'm not sure if the maxi skirt thing will pan out or not. We shall see. Until then I'm sure you all wait with bated breath.

Dress: Plato's Closet
Belt: Thrifted / Goodwill
Shoes: Target


Lala And Bitsy said...

ooooh. this is purty. i looove wearing skirts as dresses! i think i have 2 of them. unfortunately, im not comfortable wearing it as a tube, and its getting too hot for a cardigan now.

wamp wamp.

p.s. thanks for commenting! my teacher made me feel the exact same way :)

princesspolitico said...

this is such a gorgeous print! i actually really like the length of this dress - it's really sophisticated looking for a day dress.

you have a fantastic blog and i can't wait for your next post :)


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