Monday, May 24, 2010


I've been loving the look of lace as of late. So much so that I've been stalking the American Apparel website and seriously considering buying a lace shirt. Then, when I went to drop some clothes off at a local resale shop I found this gem. I was hoping for a creame or white lace top, but for $2 I'll take what I can get. Plus, it is getting a little hot to be wearing a long sleeve lace shirt anyway. I wanted to get at least one wear out of it and then I'll probably put it away for when it starts to cool off again (uh, in December?).

Before I started this blog, I probably wouldn't have bought this skirt. Either that or I would have bought it and only worn it it a white shirt because I wouldn't have thought anything else matched. I love that blogging has opened up different creative choices for me. Some things work, some things done but I'm glad that I try them.

Lace Shirt: no tag / thrifted via Frisco Resale
Tank (worn under): Walmart
Skirt: F21
Belt: F21
Shoes: Payless


K*Rock said...

saw you on WIW - i love that lace top! i must get one for me!

Natasha said...

Love the lace top with the skirt...I am totally on the same page as you are about how much blogging has opened my eyes/mind to what can work...I think it's one of the greatest things about style blogging...that and positive feedback..haha

alya said...

So pretty! I especially like the shot of the skirt blowing in the wind.

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