Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've come to the conclusion that summer is just not made for tucking shirts in. This shirt started out tucked in but it just didn't wanna stay put - it kept bunching, pouf-ing, and generally misbehaving. The skirt was also feeling particularly rebellious as it kept sliding around, which made the belt all wonky, and pretty much threw the entire look out the window. Ah, it was just a big mess. A lesser personal style blogger would have packed up her mixed patterns and called it a day, but not I.

I simply untucked the shirt (uh, duh?) and all was right in my world. Problem solved.

I think I will save the majority of my shirt tucking for months that involve tights to tuck said shirts into, that way they are forced into submission. I will be the boss of my clothes! Ha.

Shirt: Target / girls section (seriously)
Skirt: Liberty for London / Target
Belt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Zoe&Zac / Payless


Emily Kennedy said...

This is a super fun mix of patterns. Glad you stuck with it.


Just found your blog. I really like it! You have really cute outfits and know how to shop on a budget still. I love all the great places you take your pictures too. ALSO, I love that you wear ZOE&ZAC shoes. I have a pear and love them. Can't wait to get another pair.


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