Friday, May 21, 2010


Photography is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life these days. Well, I guess if we want to get technical, it was a big part of my life since I started this blog - you know, with the whole taking photos of myself everyday thing.

I don't want my blog to become too scattered and just a hodgepodge of random content. It started out as a blog of "frugal fashion and creative crafts" (can you tell I like alliteration?) and since then I've focused primarily on the frugal fashion part with little snippets of crafts - i.e. Scrapbook Sunday.

I believe that the majority of my readers are most interested in the personal style portion of my blog. But I also believe that we, the creative bunch that us style bloggers are, pull inspiration from many different sources in regards to our fashion choices. For example, when I see the photos below of the fields and flowers I want to put on my cowboy boots, at hat and a sundress and just relax. While the photos of BG playing with bubbles make me want to don some cut offs, a tank top and bare feet and run through the grass.

So I've struggled with this. I've decided that I will start a feature similar to "Scrapbook Sunday" that will be called "Photography Friday," that way there is an outlet to display the photos from the week that have inspired me (and that I hope will inspire my followers).

Farm Life - 5/14/2010 Bolivar, Texas
Pool Day
Bathing Suits & Bubbles - 4/16/2010 Frisco, Texas (edited by Q in PS CS5)
Carousel - 5/19/2010 Stonebriar Centre Frisco, Texas (edited in Picasa and Picnik)
(All photos were shot with a Nikon D100)

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alya said...

The photo of the carousel is divine! It came out really well. And I don't mind the inspiration's always nice to see the transition from photo inspiration to outfit incarnation. Tried to do some alliteration for you. ;)

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