Friday, May 28, 2010


002-1 lomo
(Evening at 15859 - 5/21/2010 Frisco, Texas)
I have been wanting to try out some slower shutter speeds but with it being so sunny in Texas this time of year, I haven't really had a chance. When I spotted the beautiful blues in the sky one evening last week, I had to seize the opportunity. I applied a lomo setting to the photo in Picnik because I've been dying for the real thing. I felt like that would have been an awesome shot on a Holga or Diana - and I just so happened to lose a eBay bid for a Diana camera last weekend (in the last 20 seconds, no less boo).

(Untitled - 5/23/2010 Frisco, Texas)
Sweet tea is the epitome of summer for me. I love that you can see how hot it was when I took this photo because of the sweat on the glass.

(Untitled - 5/23/2010 Frisco, Texas)
On Sunday Q pointed to the corner in my room and said, "That would make a really cool picture." The corner that he pointed to houses my computer so my response was, "Uh of the laptop?" No, of course he wasn't talking about the laptop - it was the lighting on the walls and the reflection in the mirror. I would have never thought of that. Sometimes, for me, it takes a fresh eye to point things out.

(Old Western - 5/25/2010 Frisco, Texas)
Also last Sunday, Q and I spent the entire day searching for a cowboy (or cowgirl?) hat for me. I really wanted one for the river this weekend and all of the ones I found looked terrible. I had come to the come to the conclusion that my head was misshapen because none of them worked. Then I found this guy at American Eagle for $14. Yeah, we got it.

I got the idea to do a photo of the view through my old Rolleiflex camera from From Me To You and I felt like a photo of the cowboy hat would have the perfect old-time feel to it. I really love the results.

Well, I'm off to the river for the weekend. I hope you all are liking the new Photography Friday feature and have a great holiday!

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