Monday, May 17, 2010


On Saturday Q, baby girl, and I headed out to Q's sister's house for his niece and nephews birthday party. It was supposed to be rainy but the sun came out as soon as we got there and it got hot. I was so glad I wore shorts and a cool top because it got pretty steamy.

I always love going out to their house. Q has such a big family and I'm an only child with only one child, so I always enjoy having the big family feel when I'm out there. Plus, it is so nice for the kids to be able to just run around and play without having to worry about streets or cars or strangers. And they have chickens, goats, and a donkey - the kid in me loves it.

Q and I had to make a run to the store while we were out there and when we got back this is the conversation that followed:
Q: Oh wow, I wonder why they have that big storage container.
Me: Huh?
Q: That storage container sitting over there.
Me: Oh, hm. (I didn't see a storage container but there was too much going on to tell him that for some reason.)
10 minutes later
Me: Oh my gosh, Quinn! Look at the big orange shipping container! I've been wanting to take some blog photos in front of one like that but haven't been able to find one. Will you take some pictures?!
Q: Uh, yeah. That was the one I was talking about.

PS: A side note to the shipping container - We all (or most of us) watch Dexter and if you have ever seen the show you know how relevant shipping containers are to the main character, Dexter. Haha

Dress: Target / via Plato's Closet
Shorts: F21 / cut off by me
Shoes: Zoe&Zac / Payless
Belt: Nordstrom


Gracie said...

Ooh, nice photos. And a funny thing to be written on there! Haha!

anhesty said...

love the outfit. the last pic of the details... love.

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