Monday, June 7, 2010


Don't you love when you've been looking at something off and on for a while and then you magically find it on sale? I do. That is what happened with this dress. What makes it even better is that it was bought with a gift card that I received from my mum and step-dad for my birthday. Gotta love that.

When we went to Urban Crust for my birthday dinner, Q and I spotted this cute little park in downtown Plano. We knew we had to go back and do outfit shots there. Just a questions for the ladies out there who have their boyfriends/husbands as a photographer - do the randomly throw out blog or photo shoot ideas? Mine does and I love it. He made a point to shoot tons of photos in the 102 degree Texas heat. He is pretty cool.

I feel really minimalistic in this. It is very difficult for me to just throw on a dress and shoes and call it a day. I like layers, I can't help it. But this is my best shot at easy, breezy summer attire.

Dress: Target
Belt: Thrifted via Goodwill
Shoes: NY&Co
Sunnies: F21


vintagewithatwist said...

great sun dress! those shoes look great with it

The Daily Fashionista said...

These are cute shots! I love the dress. It actually looks vintage, but it's from Target! Pretty cool.

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