Friday, June 4, 2010


For the life of my I can't get a scheduled post to post on the day that I actually schedule it for. So this was supposed to be from Friday but Blogger wasn't cooperating. Boo.

(Crystal Clear - 5/27/2010 Frisco, Texas)
I think this photo of the glasses is my favorite from the week. I absolutely adore how it looks in black and white. I keep coming back and looking at it.

(Untitled - 5/28/2010 Austin, Texas)
I rarely take pictures of clouds because I feel like they all end up looking the same. But on the way to the river last Friday, I happened to look up through the sunroof and saw the most perfect back lit cloud. I snapped the photo before it moved and was happy to see that it turned out how I wanted it to.

(Relaxation - 5/28/2010 New Braunfels, Texas)
The weekend on the river consisted of many, many scenes just like this. This just happens to be the one that kicked the weekend off. It was lots of fun.

(Gloria's Restaurant - 5/13/2010 Frisco, Texas)
Gloria's is my favorite Mexican restaurant. I love everything about it. Especially their chips and bean dip. I just loved the lighting in this photo and how you can see the reflection of the chip bowl on the counter.

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vintagewithatwist said...

love your blog, you have great style!

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