Friday, June 25, 2010


(Child's Play - 6/8/2010 DFW Airport Dallas, Texas)
I always put together a plane bag for BG when we're flying, just some new little toys most likely purchased from the Target $1 Deals section. She always loves finding out what surprises she got when we get to the airport. Her favorite by far were these window stickies, they kept her entertained for the entire trip. I love the lighting in this photo. I've mentioned before the morning light is my favorite and these sorts or photos are why. The way the translucent colors of the window stickers come alive with the sun shining through amazes me (as does my daughters intense concentration on them).

(Papap's Girl - 6/12/2010)
Is it just me or does my baby (and my dad) look insanely happy in this photo? I love how the focus is on BG but you can still see my dad smiling in the background. She definitely is her Papap's little girl when we're up there. She will follow him anywhere and everywhere.

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