Friday, June 18, 2010


This is skirt #2 that was hemmed. I bought it at Goodwill months and months ago for $1! I was thrilled that I found an awesome chambray skirt for so cheap. It, too, used to be rather modest and, once again, dear ol' Nana worked her magic. This is also skirt #2 (of three) with these nice, big, rectangular pockets on the front (it might be hard to see but the navy skirt from Dirt Roads and Skirts also had them).

And this shirt? Well normally I sleep in it but the white shirt that I planned on wearing with this skirt looked too billow-y, so in came my sleep shirt. I've had it for years and it is now turning into one of those soft, comfy tees that you can always feel relaxed in. It is from Victoria's Secret Pink collection, thus the 'sail with me under pink stars' quote.

Shirt: Victoria's Secret Pink
Cardi: Walmart
Skirt: Thrifted / via Goodwill
Belt: A'Gaci
Shoes: TOMS

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