Friday, July 9, 2010


I've been dying to wear this skirt again since my birthday, but I wanted to dress it down a little. I really like how the worn in tee comes together with the frilly-ness of the skirt.

I've been in a yucky clothing slump lately. Yesterday I pouted like a little girl and said, "I don't have any good clothes." No, seriously I did. It wasn't pretty. I do have clothes, lots of them. I'm just lacking some serious inspiration. But, I am happy with how this came out, so maybe I'm back on track. Maybe?

7-9-2010 f
7-9-2010 e
7-9-2010 a 7-9-2010 c
7-9-2010 g
Shirt: Victoria's Secret Pink! Sleepwear
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Bakers
Sunnies: Walmart


alya said...

I love the dressed down take on the skirt; the pink in the tee plays up the color of it and leaving it untucked is totally cute but casual.

I think everyone gets in a clothing slump in the heat of summer...I know I'm in the same boat. I'm unsatisfied with everything I own right now!

Kyla said...

I love the way the tee looks out over the skirt. So cute, laid back and just enough style to stand out.

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