Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I swear, every time I put this dress on it gets a little shorter. I really don't think I'm growing, so that leaves me with the idea that little elves must be breaking into my closet in the middle of the night and hemming it little by little to drive me crazy.

Another thing, I wanted cowboy (er, cowgirl?) boots for as long as I can remember. I finally got a pair back in February and now I have no idea how to wear them. Nothing ever seem to fit. Please help!

7-7-2010 a
7-7-2010 b
Dress: Macy's
Skirt (underneath): Thrifted / via Goodwill
Belt: Nordstrom
Boots: Steve Madden

OHHHH, and check out Birthday Girl - Night again because I added the rest of the photos!


Emily Kennedy said...

Bummer that the dress keeps getting shorter. The top part is so lovely and teal is such a fabulous color.

As for styling those boots... man, that's tough. I would just say, wear them with anything that you think makes your legs look extra long. Short shorts, or dark skinny jeans. Maybe even leggings and a tunic, with the right tunic.

Melissa said...

I don't think the dress is too short. It is if it makes you uncomfortable but it's still a flattering length on you.

As for the boots...with that dress would be cute! And ditto what Emily said. (I feel so unoriginal.)

SWF_Terra said...

Regardless of the shrinking hemline, the dress is cute. And I love it layered with the skirt.

I don't wear boots like that, or I haven't in the past, so I can't really weigh in. However, I thing the gals above had great ideas. I would always default to dark denim skinnies with just about anything on top.

Kayla said...

I have a pair of cowboy boots too, that I love but I can never find a way to wear them! Especially in New York, there are fewer options than probably in Texas! Have you checked out Delightfully Tacky's website? She has a pair of boots just like those that she wears all the time! Maybe she can help you gather some outfit inspiration!

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