Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have to give credit where credit is due and this time it goes out to Erin from Calivintage. I always see her rocking blouses underneath strapless dresses and such (like this) and I think it is genius. I would have never thought of that if I hadn't seen her do it first. That right there, my friends, is why I love the style blogging world - so much freaking inspiration!

7-20-2010 a
7-20-2010 b
Romper: Op / Walmart
Blouse (underneath): JCrew / thrifted via Frisco Resale
Shoes: Payless


Melissa said...

This is adorable! It almost looks like it's one piece. I love that you're rocking the romper! I've considered trying, but I'm too chicken. Don't quite think I have the figure to pull it off but you look great!

SWF_Terra said...

LOVE THIS. The lacy top is so delicate looking. That's it. Now I have to steal this too.

alya said...

Adorable! And I like the inspiration, too. I always thought it look really awkward to do that but both she and you pull it off very well, like it was meant to be.

megan at Transmission Me said...

Wow, I love how you turned the romper into something so classy!!! I found you through Alya's blog when she mentioned she won your giveaway. Already a big fan and looking forward to reading your posts!!

Linda said...

This look can be difficult to pull off if you choose the wrong combo, but you chose wisely! love it!!

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