Monday, July 19, 2010


I feel very ... pink? girly? ruffle-y? in this outfit. Up until about a year ago, I don't think I really owned any pink. Actually, up until about a year ago, I didn't really own any kind of color. It was all black, white and grey. Which made getting dressed very simple but a little boring. Now, I prefer a little color.

7-19-2010 a
7-19-2010 b
7-19-2010 c
Dress: Target
Vest: F21
Shoes: Liz Claiborne / thrifted via Salvation Army


amber said...

Cute outfit! I really like the vest, it's a cute piece that could be added to anything to spice it up.

KT said...

I love how you are nearly always in dresses lately. They are perfect for the summer months and now there are so many great patterns.

Bridget said...

Love the way the vest and dress look together! I also lovelovelove the watch, it's like my dream watch. =]

Fashion Therapist said...

Love this dress! So cute.

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