Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random ramblings of an insane person

Hi there! This is Christina from Second Skin. Desiree asked me to guest post for her while she was away this week. This is my very first time so I apologize if I seem a little nervous. I just want to do her right. I have known Desiree ever since she started her blog. I think she may have actually contacted me just before she started and we exchanged several emails about it. This is sort of coming full circle now since this kind of feels like my very first blog post. To give you an example, I have just written and erased 3 paragraphs, one at a time. To be completely honest, my first blog post was literally erased to like one sentence eventually. It has taken a lot for me to open up on my blog, and now it feels like I am starting out fresh again. Really weird. I guess I am just doing what I always do in my posts, type what I am thinking at that exact moment, but I still can't help but feel that I will be judged by this post. The way that a first post does feel when you are writing it. Her formatting tools are all different from mine and nothing feels familiar, I am worried the formatting will look weird or that blogger will mysteriously fail to save my post. Oh well. That's how I am sometimes. Especially when things mean a lot to me. I don't want to let D. down. She is such a great mom, a stylish and sweet blogger, and a really genuine person. I am sure you all know about this since it is her blog you are reading anyway. I feel like I need to erase and start over again. Should I? Oh man this is so much harder than I thought it would be! Well, there you have it! A bunch of random rambling and nonsense from an insane person. I will probably never be asked to do this again! I am sure this is not what she was expecting. But, I mean, this is what I do sort of. Just ramble. It can't be too much of a surprise right? Desiree, I am sorry you had to be the first, since this was bound to happen my first time, but I hope that you knew from your very first email exchange with me, that I can be a bit over honest. I do hope you are enjoying your day away and, I guess know that you readers will be SUPER happy to have you back!!


casual ambiguity said...

So glad I found this blog through your guest post!

I lol-ed (nerd) at the labels on this post heehee

20 York Street said...

I have been follwing Second Skin and haven't dared posted a comment eventhough I badly wanted to.

Now, I'm glad I found this blog, I think I'm following you too!


Emily Kennedy said...

Now that the first one is done, bravery will be so much easier to embrace.

Love your shoes!

LivingTheVogue said...

such a cute outfit! love the shorts!! great pics too!

Morgan and Lua said...

haha good work Christina!

and nice blog you have going on here Desiree, you have some great style!!


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