Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am in love with two things in this outfit - the necklace and the shoes. I've been waiting forever for both of them and now that I have them, I want to incorporate them into everything I wear.

I do have to admit that they shoes take a little getting used to.The sales lady suggested buying a 1/2 size down because they stretch, so I've been walking around for very snug shoes for the past few days. They also required a little anti-rub padding on the inside heel (I ended up with a pretty mean blister pre-anti-rub padding). But the thing that makes them worth all the trouble? They make this pretty little tap, tap, tapping sound when I walk. Love it. 

And this here necklace is very similar to the one that I will be giving away within the next ... oh lets say week. It will not be this specific key because, well, this is my favorite one but the other ones are the same shade and just as cool. This one is just strung onto an old chain that I had but I bought the supplies to make this giveaway one tonight - a black leather cord and an antique bronze-ish one (I'm not sure which to do. Any opinions?). I also have two sizes - one small and one larger, so I'm toying with the idea of letting the winner choose their chain and key. Choices, choices. 

Romper: Op / Walmart
Vest: Miley Cyrus / Walmart
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Vintage Key
Belt: Neiman Marcus / thrifted via Friends of the Inn

Monday, August 30, 2010


Is it a stretch to say that I kinda felt like I was mixing prints today? I'm thinking a polka-dotish necklace and a floral skirt ... maybe. Maybe? Either way I'm digging it. I've kind of gotten to the point where I love this necklace so much that when I wear it, I don't really even care if it totally matches the rest of my outfit. It is actually quite the conversation starter and they usually go something like this - "Oh, thats a super cool necklace. It looks like grapes. I could actually go for some grapes right now." I never really know how to feel about this. Do they want to eat my necklace? Do they like it because it reminds them of grapes? Are they all, wow thanks for making me hungry for grapes while I'm in class without any access to grapes? Yes, I actually think about these things.

Today it was a comment from my Environmental Science professor and she said, "Wow thats a fun necklace. You're like The Grapes of Wrath over here." Hmmm, well she didn't want to eat it so I suppose thats a good sign? I guess it IS a different grape reference, so I should be thankful for that.

Tank: F21
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Walmart

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Now that I'm looking at that first photo, I think I look kinda angry. I assure you that I am not trying to glare at the blog world from behind my Walmart aviators, I simply had just woken up from a much needed nap and realized that I only have 6.5 minutes to eat, take outfit photos and get out the door to meet up with a girlfriend. And even then I had the best of intentions of posting these photos when I got home but, eh, you know how girls' nights can go. I got home much too late and so here we are - Friday's outfit on Saturday (almost Sunday).

I normally can't bring myself to wear the same things twice in one week. I never feel like I can style it differently enough to keep it fresh, but I really wanted to try with this dress/skirt. I didn't want to be predictable and pair it with a belt like I almost always would so I threw on this vest to give the dress a little shape. And then I just kinda piled on some necklaces and a fun ring. But honestly, I have to say I enjoyed wearing this more when it was in a skirt form. Could it be that the longer hem lines that are apparently all the rage are growing on me? Hmmmm.

Dress: Carole Little / Plato's Closet
Vest: F21
Shoes: Lucky Penny / Anthro
Ring: White House Black Market

Oh, and PS: I checked two things off of my wishlist today - my olive green, military inspired coat and a lace top. The coat came from Ross for the sweet price of $16 (as opposed to the $90 from Gap) so all that internet searching was for naught because I didn't go with any of my former options. Ohhh well, I looove the one I got! 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ok, ok this post was supposed to go up yesterday ... on Friday. Get it - "Photography Friday"? Clearly that didn't happen so lets pretend today is Friday and everyone gets an extra weekend day on me!

Whew, this is going to be a rather picture heavy Photography Friday post. The first three photos were taken in Texas riiiight before we left for Pennsylvania. The rest of them were taken in Pennsylvania at the Double Diamond Deer Ranch and at the Tionesta Indian Festival.

This was the cooooolest light fixture at the Holiday Inn Express in Plano, Texas. I kinda want one in my house.

(Quaint - Antique Store, McKinney, TX)
(Keys - Heirlooms, McKinney, TX)
A while ago I really wanted an antique key to make a necklace from. I now have three. I am thinking of doing a giveaway for one. What do you guys think? Yay? Nay? 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today I (as I'm sure many of you also did) got an nifty little email telling me that Ruche put out the Autumn Lookbook. I am always completely blown away by Ruche's lookbooks. Not just by the beautifully styled clothes but also by the phenomenal photography, especially of their Spring and Summer ones. Anyway, I normally don't post looks from certain collections (aside from my advice seeking wishlist posts) but since these four looks basically sum up most of what I'm craving in my close, I decided to throw them up as a sort of virtual inspiration board.

classic layers
I love (love love love) this sweater (or sweater dress?) And the colors are just so beautiful together. Oh, oh and the bag. I think I need that bag.

lit. classics
I have a soft spot in my wardrobe for anything navy right now, especially when it is paired with grey. And the little heart ring is adorable.

freudian frills
This seems like SUCH an Autumn outfit to me. All of the colors are so warm and rich looking. After a little deliberation, I've decided that I'm enjoying the longer hemline so obviously I'm loving this skirt. And the ruffles on the blouse. And the gorgeous shoes. Oh, and could the model's hair and lip color be any more perfect for this outfit? Basically, I love everything about this and I think it is my favorite from the lookbook.

dewy lanes
Hmmm ... navy again, I just can't get enough. It is kind of funny because last night (before I got the lookbook) I bookmarked these socks under my wishlist on my computer. Then this morning I see them paired with these shoes and this outfit and I love them even more. Is it silly to say that I think these sock completely make this outfit? The take a classic navy dress/taupe heels and make it completely current. Adorable.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ah, this ring. I love this ring. Forget about the outfit because it is all about the ring. Its big, gold, purpleish-blackish-brown and it is great. I got it at an antique store in Historic Downtown McKinney which, if I do say so myself, is such a quaint little area (and I'm a sucker for quaint little areas). There are so many fun stores on the square. I can spend all day looking at all of the unique things. Which is exactly what I did on the say I got this ring.

This is how it went ...

I was on a hunt for some Scrabble tiles. My daughter is into the whole I-wanna-play-with-the-big-colorful-and-slightly-ugly-letter-magnets thing and while I'm all for her doing her thing with the ABCs, I'm not a huge fan of the multicolored magnets. So the crafty side of me said, hmmm you like Scrabble tiles and you could totally get the letters and glue magnets on the back and that would look so much better on the fridge. Cool idea, yeah? Yeah, except for the fact that apparently the 'B' and 'K' tiles are extremely rare (ok I don't really know that I just know that I looked in, like, nine different shops and didn't find them) and really, I can't teach my child the alphabet without B and K - they're kinda necessary. So I lugged myself all over McKinney square looking for them. And wouldn't you know it, in the very last shop of the day, I found them ... and this ring.

So there ya have it. If I hadn't of had a problem with the ugly plastic magnets, I would have never found this little gem. And then what would I have rambled on about, geez!

Dress: Target
Shirt: Miley Cyrus / Walmart
Belt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Payless
Rings: Vintage / Heirlooms in McKinney Square & Lia Sophia 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Before I get into anything, I'd like to thank Terra, Starr, and Kyla for doing guest posts for me while I was out of town. Actually, I'd like to extend that thank you to Christina also because I'm not quite sure I thanked her via blog for her guest post a few weeks ago. You ladies are all awesome and I admire your creativity with fashion and your blogs so much. So it means a lot to me that you guys took time out of your schedules to do me a favor. Thank you! 

Now, back to business as usual. I had an amazing (but short) third (and last) trip this summer to my see my family in PA. Baby Girl and I got to attend the Tionesta Indian Festival and ride on a fire truck in the parade (my daddy is in the volunteer fire department). As you can probably tell (if you clicked the link), the Indian Festival is not a very big event but I still love it. It is always so exciting seeing the town get ready for it all and plus, the rummage sales that go on that week are always great - hello, Etienne Aigner (possibly) vintage boots for $1. Anyway, we crammed a lot of fun things into less than a week so maybe for Photography Friday I will pull together some of the photos to share. 

This outfit was completely random. I really had forgotten about this skirt/dress until I opened my drawer in order to search for an entirely different skirt. I'm not quite sure about the length of it when it is worn as I wore it today though. What do you guys think, frumpy or fantastic or just fine (I can't help myself!)?

Tank Top: Walmart
Skirt: Carole Little / via Plato's Closet
Shoes: Bakers
Necklace: F21

And now for the pickle that I am in ... I am loving the olive green anorak/military inspired jacket look this season (who isn't?) but I really can't decide if I should go for the more expensive Gap version that I could probably wear for most of the winter in Texas or the less expensive, unlined version from Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, or Windsor. What do you guys think? Should I invest or just get the cheapie? 

Friday, August 20, 2010

mix it, wear it, own it

Hi, there!  I'm Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk.  I'm also kind of an ass - I was supposed to post this on Monday, but misread Desiree's email.  So, hopefully, this is better late than never.

Desiree has been an awesome blog friend, even sending me the most fantastic wooden elephant necklace, because it reminded her of me.  How cool is that?  When she asked me to do a guest post while she was gone, I was more than happy.  But also a dimwit and late.  Oops.

Anyway, I thought I'd take the moment to talk a little about pattern mixing.  It's one of those things that can be so much fun, but so intimidating to start.  So, here's a few tips to keep in mind what taking the leap.

1.  Start with subtle prints.  If the dominant color in each print matches, then most likely, the prints will go together, too.  Prints in neutral colors are a great place to start, because you just can't go wrong.  Along with that, I would even encourage you to think of black & white stripes, zebra print and leopard print as neutrals ... because they are ... clearly.

5-20-10 1
8-3-10 3

2.  Stand back.  Take moment to detach yourself from the prints and focus on the entire look by putting some distance between yourself and the mirror.  When you step back, you can see the entire look, as opposed to separate pieces.  Hoe does it feel?  What's your first instinct?  If it feels cohesive, then go with it.  After all, how many people throughout your day will be standing closer to you than that?  Sometimes, seeing ourselves as others see us is a great tool for dressing.

8-4-10 1
4-28-10 5

3.  Remember the basics.  The easiest way to mix prints is to stay in the same color scheme, but use different prints, like polka dots and stripes both in blue and white.  Keep in mind the size of the patterns as well, pairing larger patterns with small patterns, like big polka dots with fine pin stripes.  It's a sure bet.

8-9-10 2
8-15-10 1

4.  Lastly, wear it with PRIDE!  99% of pulling off pattern mixing is owning it.  If you doubt it, others will, too.  If you walk tall and wear it with confidence, others will buy it.  Have fun - it's only clothing!

I hope this sheds a little light on one of my favorite dressing techniques.  Not only is it a fun and unique way to express yourself, but it will help you get way more mileage out of your wardrobe!

Thanks, Desiree!  Hope you had a fabulous vacation!


Hello everybody! I'm Starr from A Thought Is The Blossom in today for Desiree while she enjoys some much needed time off. I'm usually pretty awkward with hello's, so I figured I'd just introduce myself by showing a few pictures of one of my favorite downtown spots. I always find a way to ramble on throughout my posts, so maybe you'll feel like you know a little more about me by the end!


This is Argenta, a huge part of downtown North Little Rock and just across the river from my Little Rock apartment. I've always admired Argenta for it's discernible history and apt ability to make any photographer smile. I think I fell in love with it even more when my favorite local vintage shop moved into an old furniture building on Main Street! Now there's racks and racks of vintage clothes downstairs and rows and rows of vintage furniture upstairs. 


I was curious as to when the town was founded, so I did a tiny bit of research before writing this post. Turns out it was constructed in 1887, just in time to become an advantageous force during one of my favorite decades, the 1890's! On the flip side of that, I also discovered some pretty disheartening news about the Argenta Drug Co. building in the photos behind me. According to the Preserve Arkansas website, the building was included on the '2006 Most Endangered Historic Places' list along with Johnny Cash' boyhood home and a few other recognizable--to me--places. 

It's seems as though the world is always after my favorite spots, but I guess that's what you get when you love abandoned houses and old historic buildings. I guess I just need to enjoy these places while I still have them around.


Thanks to Desiree for letting me still her diary for the day, and I hope you guys didn't mind my rambling too much. Feel free to come visit anytime!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SWF seeks... color splash.

Oh, hey there. My name is Terra and I blog over at Stylish White Female. Desiree asked me to guest blog and I couldn’t be more honored. I could easily take any of her ensembles and drop it into my own wardrobe. I love what she does! 

One of the topics that I get the most questions about and receive the most comments on is the use of color. It’s so easy to fall into a deep, dark cave of black fabric. I must admit, I hibernate down there on occasion myself. But lately I’ve tried to push the color boundaries a bit. If I’m shopping and really like a piece that comes in black, I try to find it in a different color. And I don’t let my skin tone or my hair color restrict me. So many people say they’re surprised that a redhead can wear red or that a fair skinned gal can wear nude. If you don’t try, you’ll never really know if something works or not.
I have a tendency to mash a bunch of colors together and see if they play nice. Just recently I posted a Community Choice poll (every Sunday SWF readers get to choose what I will wear to work the following Tuesday) that included two very safe combinations of blue, black and white. The third option was the rebel in the group, mixing blue, coral and yellow. Wouldn’t you know, it was the vibrant color combo that everyone loved. 
I try to think of color less in terms of a red skirt or a green dress and more along the lines of cherries and apples. In other words, if I like the way two colors look together in nature, why shouldn’t I like the way they look on my body? 
Last fall I wore an ensemble that combined my brown tweed trousers with a white blouse, an orange cardigan and a green and white striped scarf. It sounds like a hot mess. But I based the amalgamation on the fact that I love pumpkins and somehow it worked. 
The lesson of the day? Do not be afraid of color! If your clothes are nicely tailored, you can mash just about anything together and it will work. 

Friday, August 13, 2010


Suburbia - May 2010 / Frisco, TX

Sweet Tea - August 11, 2010 / Frisco, TX
(I can't help it, I have a thing for photographing beverages!)

Untitled - August 13, 2010 / McKinney Heard Museum, McKinney, TX


I got the coral version of this dress from Mel's "shop my closet" over at Idee Geniale. At first she had it listed as a medium but she later emailed me telling me that it was actually a small, which is didn't think would be a big deal...until I got it in the mail. It is at a length that would be quite indecent for me to wear without leggings (or some type of coverage) underneath. When I first saw that she listed it I got so wrapped up in the fact that it was the perfect shade of coral that I've been wanting, that I only paid attention to the general size and not the specific measurements.

But good things came from it anyway because I found that really love the shape of the dress, I just needed a size larger (and to keep it out of the dryer) so I ended up purchasing the white one with what was left of my Plato's Closet bounty. As for the pretty coral one, I think that I'm going to turn it into a tunic/top thingy so it is not to go to waste.

Dress: AA
Scarf (as belt): my mum's closet
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: F21
Ring: Lia Sophia

And as far as the brown dress from Ruche goes, I played around with it last night and found that the shape is actually much more versatile than I originally though. I think I'm gonna keep it. Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


When I was making my wish list and trying to decide what dresses I wanted, I always had a few things in the back of my mind ...
  • ModCloth and Ruche - because I've heard great things about both and I loved several dresses from each site.
  • Chambray - duh. 
  • Versatility - summer/fall and maybe even winter since I live in Texas, mixable colors, and relatively classic shapes.
What I didn't really take into consideration is that I purchase three very similarly shaped dresses. Take a look-see.


The first two you have seen in my last two posts; the third one I got in the mail today. And then it dawned on me, did I really just purchase three almost identically shaped dress?! The answer is why yes, I did. Why did I do this, you may ask? Well, my friends, the answer is simple - because on those lovely dress forms the three dresses don't look quite as identical as they do on my body.

Since I've worn (and love) my two ModCloth dresses, I will not be sending those back. The question now is whether of not to sent the Ruche dress back? It isn't that I don't love it, because I do. I just don't know that I want three dresses that are so similar in style. What do you guys think? Am I being silly?

Also another thing that plays into it is that when I was ordering the brown dress from above, Ruche was sold out of this little lovely. Which, consequently, is now back in stock. Choices, choices. 
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