Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello everybody! I'm Starr from A Thought Is The Blossom in today for Desiree while she enjoys some much needed time off. I'm usually pretty awkward with hello's, so I figured I'd just introduce myself by showing a few pictures of one of my favorite downtown spots. I always find a way to ramble on throughout my posts, so maybe you'll feel like you know a little more about me by the end!


This is Argenta, a huge part of downtown North Little Rock and just across the river from my Little Rock apartment. I've always admired Argenta for it's discernible history and apt ability to make any photographer smile. I think I fell in love with it even more when my favorite local vintage shop moved into an old furniture building on Main Street! Now there's racks and racks of vintage clothes downstairs and rows and rows of vintage furniture upstairs. 


I was curious as to when the town was founded, so I did a tiny bit of research before writing this post. Turns out it was constructed in 1887, just in time to become an advantageous force during one of my favorite decades, the 1890's! On the flip side of that, I also discovered some pretty disheartening news about the Argenta Drug Co. building in the photos behind me. According to the Preserve Arkansas website, the building was included on the '2006 Most Endangered Historic Places' list along with Johnny Cash' boyhood home and a few other recognizable--to me--places. 

It's seems as though the world is always after my favorite spots, but I guess that's what you get when you love abandoned houses and old historic buildings. I guess I just need to enjoy these places while I still have them around.


Thanks to Desiree for letting me still her diary for the day, and I hope you guys didn't mind my rambling too much. Feel free to come visit anytime!

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