Thursday, August 12, 2010


This little guy girl is the second half of my ModCloth purchase.

I bought this in a medium for a two reasons - it is 100% rayon (which means that it inevitably will shrink because I'm terrible at keeping shrinkable clothing out of the dryer) and the length measurement for a small was 33 inches (the medium was 33.5 but, hey, I'll take what I can get!). In a perfect world the top to be a little bit more snug but I'm sure that once it (accidentally) gets put in the dryer the entire garment will be a little smaller, so we'll see.

Other than that, I love the dress. A few people commented about it looking a bit sheer in the photos from the wish list post, so I started second guessing myself after I bought it but the skirt portion is actually lined so no worries there. I'm also pretty pumped because it is the kind of material that won't cling to leggings and tights because while I love leggings and tights, I am not a huge fan of slips.

Dress: ModCloth (Yes it is a bit wrinkled but, hey, I actually do live in the clothes I post. Haha.)
Bandeau Bra (that you can barelyyyy see peeking out in the photo of the back of the dress): Wet Seal
Belt: F21
Shoes: l.e.i / Walmart
Necklace: EBay

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