Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So here it is - exhibit A of my first ModCloth purchase. I know there has been a lot of curtesy of ModCloth (as well as other companies) talk going around the personal style blogosphere but I can honestly say that as long as the blogger wearing the c/o items stays true to her (or his) own identity, I don't have a problem with it. I don't have a big long monologue about whether I think it is right or wrong, I only think that it is important to remain true to yourself. For example, I would not wear a c/o item simply because it was given to me if it weren't something that I would have purchased myself. Is that ungrateful? Now that I reread that sentence it seems ungrateful. That is not how I intended it.

Anyway! One thing that I have learned through my ModCloth buying experience is how darn helpful user reviews are. I normally don't spend $50 on a dress so when I decided to take the plunge and actually make a purchase, I spent a lot of time reading the reviews on the dresses I liked. They were so helpful as far as finding out if items fit true to size, were the color that the photo showed, and a few even gave some cool styling ideas. I never review things. Why? Well, because I'm lazy. But I've decided that since I found the reviews so helpful, other buyers probably do also. So as soon as I see how this dress (and the other one I bought) fares after the washer and dryer, I will be posting my review.

Now moving on to the dress itself. I love it. The top is a bit bigger than I expected it but I'm still happy with it, especially the length. A lot of the ModCloth look so dang short in the photos that I worry I won't actually be able to wear them and still be decent. I've been a bit late jumping on the chambray dress bandwagon and even though summer is on its way out (in the fashion world at least), I still wanted a cute little chambray dress. I saw several really great options but I ended up going with this one because of its color - not quite blue but not grey. I think that the color will be really cute for summer but also work well with autumn/winters darker accessories.

Dress: ModCloth
Belt: tie from this shirt / F21
Shoes: Walmart
Bag: Liz Claiborne / thrifted via Friends of the Inn

Oh, and this bag? $8. Yep, $8. I never know how to tell whether something is vintage or not (if I can't find a label resource for it, that is) but I know that it isn't brand new. What else I know is that it is the most perfect shade of brown, it has tons of pockets and tons of compartments. This is, like, a triple score in my book because I looove lots of different compartments in my bags. How great will this be for autumn?


Chaucee said...

I would say this is a very successful first purchase from Mod Cloth : ) I have get to do this but hopefully I'll be able to afford Mod Cloth AND next semester's tuition :D

Emily Kennedy said...

Oh wow! That is cute on you! I especially love the hem!

elizabethashleyphoto said...

Scrolling through the photos, I couldn't decide which was more drool-worthy, the dress or that bag! The dress is fabulous, and I really hope it holds up for you because it looks great! Love hearing that your bag was such a steal; it looks great and looks really expensive. Can't wait to hear your review as I have been debating on ordering something from Modcloth as well.

Not a Paper Cup said...

So many cute outfits on your blog:)

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