Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Last night it was brought to my attention that my email has been messed up for the past month. I logged on to the email account in question a found several important (at least to me) email that I neglected to respond to. I am normal pretty speedy about getting a response back to people, especially when it is I who asked the favor in the first place and so it made me a little sick to my stomach that it appeared that I had neglected to email several of my favorite blogger friends back.

If you emailed me and did not get a response, I am so sorry. I am especially sorry to Kyla, Terra, and Starr (ladies, seriously - so sorry).

Just to iron out the kinks and not to have this happen ever again, my blog email address is distinctlydesiree@gmail.com and if you've emailed me at d.altman88@gmail.com about something important (or not important whatever) please, please, please shoot me a line to the "distinctlydesiree" email so that  I can be sure to get it.

An outfit post will be on its way later. My step-dad photographer is at work until this evening and 105 degree heat is just simply too hot for me to run back and forth between posing and my tripod.

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