Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, this is a pajama top (a thrifted Old Navy pajama top, to be exact). Which leads me to a little thought. How come when we're in elementary school, pajama day is the coolest thing ever but when we grow up were all, like, ohhh no you're not supposed to wear pajamas out of the house? Ludicrous, if you ask me. I think that adults should have a designated "pajama day" weekly. But, on second though, I really do enjoy getting dresses (most days) so I don't know if I'd participate or not.

Ok, enough of that tangent.

I got dressed this morning to go to a new thrift store and then promptly changed into comfy clothes when I got home in order to clean the clutter out of my room. Well, I kinda got carried away with the cleaning part and forgot that I needed to go to the grocery store AND take outfit photos still. I threw this on, hoping that I could make it to the store and back before the sun was gone. No luck. I am hoping that the cute little top and pretty sky in the background make up for the huge flash-induced shadow that makes my head look twice as big as it really is.

Tank: Old Navy / thrifted via Friends of the Inn
Shorts: American Eagle / via Plato's Closet
Shoes: Bakers
Belt: F21

Oh, and another little tidbit about this tank top ... the thrift store where I bough it has a $10 limit if you're using a debit card. I always forget this, therefore I only had a debit card. The tank top was $2.50 and, yes, I hunted around until I found enough things that I wanted to make my purchase at least $10. Does anybody else do this? Or would you just cut your loses and move on? 


Melissa said...

I had that top, and the green and wore them out as tops too lol.

just my style said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this top!!! ADORE this outfit...you look great!

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