Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This top is from Forever 21 (albeit thrifted Forever 21), and I've made it a bit of a personal goal to shop less at Forever 21 (and chain stores in general). I feel like I've been placing a lot of stress on quantity over quality and I'm not exactly sure I like that road I've been going down. I will be writing more about this (hopefully tomorrow) when my thoughts are a bit more organized. But the gist of it is that I've been looking for nicer fabrics, better quality, and altogether more unique items via thrift stores as of late.

Anyway, back to the top ... it is fits my nicer fabric rule (100% cotton and super soft) and the quality is on par with other budged friendly stores. The uniqueness of it? I can't really say. But I liked the pattern, felt like I could wear it lot of different ways (it is actually much longer than it appears, I simply tied it in a knot so you could tell I was wearing shorts).

Shirt: F21 / Thrifted via Goodwill
Tank: Nordstrom
Shorts: F21
Shoes: Ann Taylor LOFT


Chaucee said...

I totally agree about Forever 21. Sure they got great styles but the quality stinks!

amber said...

love the top! and really quality vs. quantity is for sure the way to go.


Leah said...

Love the top! I've got to agree with your comments. I've definitely felt like it was better to have quantity over quality in the past but after going through my closet and realizing I bought most on impulse (cause they were under $30 after all!) doesn't make me feel any more put together or happy with my purchases.

20 York Street said...

I'll be looking forward to the post tomorrow about this:

Quantity vs. Quality

Thank you!

Snappy-Q said...

I have totally been feeling the same way. I have a lot of clothes that were cheap, but that doesn't mean they were nice or lasted long... so in the end I just made more waste and spent more money.
I am trying to thrift and repair/re-do clothes now.
Good luck to you! I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

Linda Rose said...

I have just realized the same thing! I want to buy more quality pieces instead of a bunch of cheap-o ones that distort as soon as i wash them.

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