Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today I (as I'm sure many of you also did) got an nifty little email telling me that Ruche put out the Autumn Lookbook. I am always completely blown away by Ruche's lookbooks. Not just by the beautifully styled clothes but also by the phenomenal photography, especially of their Spring and Summer ones. Anyway, I normally don't post looks from certain collections (aside from my advice seeking wishlist posts) but since these four looks basically sum up most of what I'm craving in my close, I decided to throw them up as a sort of virtual inspiration board.

classic layers
I love (love love love) this sweater (or sweater dress?) And the colors are just so beautiful together. Oh, oh and the bag. I think I need that bag.

lit. classics
I have a soft spot in my wardrobe for anything navy right now, especially when it is paired with grey. And the little heart ring is adorable.

freudian frills
This seems like SUCH an Autumn outfit to me. All of the colors are so warm and rich looking. After a little deliberation, I've decided that I'm enjoying the longer hemline so obviously I'm loving this skirt. And the ruffles on the blouse. And the gorgeous shoes. Oh, and could the model's hair and lip color be any more perfect for this outfit? Basically, I love everything about this and I think it is my favorite from the lookbook.

dewy lanes
Hmmm ... navy again, I just can't get enough. It is kind of funny because last night (before I got the lookbook) I bookmarked these socks under my wishlist on my computer. Then this morning I see them paired with these shoes and this outfit and I love them even more. Is it silly to say that I think these sock completely make this outfit? The take a classic navy dress/taupe heels and make it completely current. Adorable.

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