Monday, August 2, 2010


Before I tried this dress on I really thought it was going to give me a little "pregnancy pouf" right under the elastic waistband. I swore of clothes that made me look pregnant (when I'm not, duh) right after having baby girl. It took me a very long time to put on anything (and I mean anything) with an empire waist. Alas, this dress was perfect - no pouf, although it did accommodate the rather large dinner that I consumed in record time.

I was really glad it looked nice when I tried it on because I had pretty much decided that I was buying it either way. I loved the pattern too much to pass it up. Does anybody else do that? Get so fixated on the color/pattern/fabric/texture of something that you convince yourself that you'll find a way to make it work for you? 

A small disclaimer: I am in no way saying that a pregnancy pouf is not stinking adorable on ladies who are, you know, actually pregnant. I loved being pregnant and I loved dressing my big, bigger, and biggest pregnant body. But after nine months of one type of clothing, I was a little ready to move on to other things for a bit. Haha.  

Dress: Thrifted via Goodwill
Belt: F21
Shoes: Bakers 
Bag: Walmart


Chaucee said...

Very, very cute : ) What fun colors!

Emily Kennedy said...

I totally feel you. I am mostly fine to experience the present as a pregnant woman, but I get extremely happy thinking about one day being able to wear normal clothes again. And one day reclaiming my waist.

Melissa said...

This dress is absolutely darling on you. I especially love it with the belt!

Yes, after wearing maternity clothes for so long (even AFTER I gave birth), I don't want to wear them again. be honest, I've considered buying some in an XS size just because they were so cute. But I didn't.

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