Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I had class all day today and I donned this first little ensemble. I have to say I feel very collegiate in these shoes. Silly? Stereotypical? I don't care. I kinda like feeling collegiate.

After class, I had a little girl's night. Originally I was wanting to switch my outfit entirely (Yes, I thought about this while I was at school today! What? I have a two hour break in between classes!) but when I got home it was quite rainy. I didn't really think the light linen pants that I can planned to wear would be very appropriate, thus the spin on this outfit. Cuff the jeans a little higher, throw on some super heels, and add a big necklace. Done, done, done.

And isn't my umbrella adorable? I'm pretty pumped to finally have one after looking at it longingly every time I went to Target. Thanks mum!

Shirt: Kohl's / thrifted via Goodwill
Jeans: F21
Oxfords: Steve Madden
Heels: Yellow Box
Umbrella: Target

OH, and PS: Do you like my nifty new laces? I saw the idea in this months InStyle and through it was pretty cool. It just went to Hobby Lobby and bough a ton of cute little ribbons to thread through.

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