Friday, September 3, 2010


(Blurred Vision - Landon Winery, McKinney, Texas)

This photo was a complete accident. I went to take it and realized that my shutter speed was much too fast for how little light there was, so I went to flip my camera around to change it. When I downloaded the photos this was the only one from the evening that I liked. It was a happy mistake.

(Flare - Frisco, Texas)

This was another happy accident. I took my outfit photos twice today - once around noon and again around 7:30 (because the noon ones turned out terrible). When I took the 7:30 set of photos, this was one of my test shots to check my white balance. I just loved the way the sun flared out through the crack in the fence. 

(Downtown - McKinney, Texas)

This wasn't an accident at all. I always loved this building in Historic Downtown McKinney, so when I was down there a few weeks ago I decided to snap a photo. It just look so "Texas" to me for some reason. I love how it is so tall in comparison to the short and squat building to the left of it. And how fun is the blue door? I definitely need to take some outfit photos down there! 

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