Friday, September 3, 2010


The title of this blog is "Distinctly Desiree: A blog of creative crafts and frugal fashion." In the past nine months since I've started this blog, there has been a sad lack of creative crafts (or crafts at all for that matter). A few days ago I commented about my dislike for plastic refrigerator letter magnets and introduced my solution to the problem. Well, today I stopped into Joann Fabrics and picked up at roll of magnet tape for $.59 and here we are. I have a strong feeling that I had more fun playing with them tonight than BG is going to have playing with them in the next week. 

1. Locate Scrabble tiles via antique stores, ebay, etsy, your own board game, whatever.
2. Buy magnet tape.
3. Cut magnet tape to fit on the back of the Scrabble tiles.
4. Peel off the little paper back from the magnet tape, and slap it on to the Scrabble tile.

(Obviously I know you all did not need those directions but I put them there in the hopes the someday when I have a craft that actually requires directions, I can follow suit with the past posts. Haha) 

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