Friday, October 29, 2010


One of my favorite places in Dallas is the Dallas Arboretum. Dallas doesn't have many trees and foliage, which is something that I really miss having moved from Pennsylvania. The arboretum offers extensive varieties of flora and fauna, as well as tons of little picnic areas and fitness trails. One of the events that I look forward to most is Autumn at the Arboretum because it actually feels more like Autumn (Texas generally doesn't experience much Autumn) because of all the orange/yellow/red flowers and large shade trees.

Normally is is $10 a person to get in but I actually scored a deal for 1/2 of tickets (and purchased them with a credit for a grand total of - free!) on Groupon. Which, on another note, if you aren't on Groupon and you're near a bigger city, you should be. There are SO many great deals - think 50% off a whole Gap purchase, 90% off spa packages, and even tons of cheap tickets to concerts and sporting goods. SO, go check it out and sign up at Groupon. I am not endorsed by Groupon at all, I just really think it is a cool site that can save you money on fun stuff that you might already buy. And who doesn't like to save money? 

I talked about wanting to find a darker chambray top but talking myself out of it because it already have a light one. When I was at the mall returning something last weekend, I couldn't hold my ground against JCPenny's 50% off sale. It is dark, tunic length, and just right. To be completely honest, I wore it Thursday, today and I will probably wear it all weekend. I don't even know if I want to take it off long enough to wash it.


Denim Popover: JCPenny 
Jacket: last kiss via Ross
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Shades: Walmart
Ring: Vintage

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