Monday, October 4, 2010


I am going to school to be an elementary school teacher, hopefully kindergarten. I feel super confident that I will adore this job. I really love the creativity that it takes to be a teacher. Yes, there are the standards that you have to teach to but each child is different, which means that the teacher has to get creative in how he/she conveys the information to the students. The idea of figuring out how to do this and, well, actually doing it is so exciting to me. It sounds super cheesy but I really like knowing that I will have a little hand in our future generations through teaching.

That being said, I have a confession - sometimes I wish that I were going into a field that would allow me to dress all professional. You know, like the ones that involve briefcases, lunch meetings, power suits and lots of running around 'getting things done'. Power suits are not super conducive to getting down on the floor with kindergarteners to help them learn their ABCs and 123s. Well, Distinctly Desiree, if you want that then why don't you go for your power suit degree rather than your elementary education degree, you may ask? Well, because I know I would get sick of the briefcases, lunch meetings, power suits and running around. I won't get sick of being a teacher.

Now, I would not choose a career based on the clothing required. These are just some things I think about.

Dress: Target
Cardi: Nordstrom
Belt: A'Gaci
Shoes: Nine West
Ring: Lia Sophia

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