Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In the November issue of InStyle, the editors informed me that watercolor prints were "on trend" this season. I thought to myself, hm yes watercolor prints are pretty, and then I moved on. I promptly forgot all about watercolor prints because I am trying to mentally preparing myself to go on a spending freeze.

Spending freeze or no spending freeze, I had to get baby girl out of the house on Saturday afternoon because we are staining our concrete floors and I'm pretty sure the fumes are not good for her. That, and she was kinda getting in the way by 'helping' a bit too much. Since it was raining I had to cross the park off the list of possible things to do - which left the mall (too crowded), grocery shopping (which I prefer to do without the three year old that only wants to eat golden oreos) or a new thrift store (winner, winner).

Over all, I was pretty underwhelmed with the new thrift store. I've head raving reviews about it but I didn't really find much despite truly combing the racks. Although I know thrifting is a hit or miss, I always get a little bummed when I don't find much. I'll stop back thought because it was super clean and super organized, which I am a super fan of. As I was about to give up and head home, I found this top on a rack labeled "Better Clothes." Hm, why didn't I START there? Watercolor prints, check. White tag = half off, check. I'll buy into a trend when it only cost for $4.

Tunic: thrifted Kohl's Simply Vera
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Gap City Flats
Necklace: Walmart

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