Friday, October 15, 2010


(Third Cupcakes a Charm - Frisco, Texas; October 6, 2010)

This was taken on baby girl's birthday. Yes, those are three cupcakes sitting in front of her. She had one for her first birthday, two for her second birthday, and needed three for her third birthday. Yes, I am crazy. Luckily she only licked the icing off. It could be worse. Right?? 

These are those little pill things that you stick in water and they turn into a spongy animal or shape. We got her some princess ones for her birthday and she played with them in her bath. She had so much fun guessing which one would be which. She will not let me throw them out. It is actually getting kinda gross now. But, anyway, I love the super vibrant colors in this photo.

(Big Foot - Frisco, Texas; October 2010)

She was opening presents from her Nana, Papa and Papap (who live in Pennsylvania) and was so absorbed in trying to get the ribbon off. I love how she absentmindedly crosses her feet. I also love how this photo plays with proportions.

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