Monday, October 18, 2010


Over the weekend we ventured out to East Texas for a bit of a day trip. Our destination was Uncertain. Yes, Uncertain is the name of the town. How could I NOT want to visit a town with a name like that? The actual town was kind of touristy and since it was the end of the season they're wasn't a whole lot going on. But the lake was super pretty and I really loved my outfit that day, so we snapped some shots and went on our way.

On the way we passed through Jefferson, a town with the most adorable downtown main street with tons of little antique shops. I was determined to stop and check it out on the way back. We didn't get to hit all of the shops because many of them were closing by the time we made our way back, but we did get to browse a couple of the bigger ones. We ate dinner at a neat looking diner called Glory Dayz. It has the cutest outdoor patio with colorful, mismatched chairs at tables with umbrellas. It was cute, which was its saving grace because it took forever to get our food and when we did it wasn't the best. But, what can I say, I'm a sucker for kitschy places like that.

Anyway, I'm finding that I'm a sucker for plaid flannel. It just is so cozy and autumn-y. I have to stop myself from buying every piece of plaid flannel that I see. I even sleep in it (seriously, THE best pj bottoms ever). I think I'm going to cut myself off before I turn into a lumberjack. Two pairs of pjs and one shirt with suffice, I believe.
T-Shirt, Flannel Shirt: Target
Shorts, Shades: F21
Shoes: Walmart - Speaking of these shoes, this is the last time you will see them. They are done after this conversation that was had on the way back from Uncertain. 

Holy Heck, lots of links. I didn't realize it until I was done. Sorry, guys!

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