Thursday, November 11, 2010

4/30: ON MY MIND

2. Gap // 14. Target // 28. Converse

A couple of things that are on my mind:
  • I didn't really need this cardigan today. This Indian Summer stuff must end.
  • I went to the mall to get baby girl's photo taken. Apparently, she watches me take my blog photos wayyy too much. She jumped right into the swing of things and was such a little ham. 
  • I am making beef stew tonight. I've been into making things that can be heated up for leftovers - chicken soup, veggie soup and chili mostly. I haven't ever attempted beef stew. I was told it smells bitter. I'm not sure this is good. Do any of you have tried and true beef stew recipes? I'd love to hear them! 
  • We go to Pennsylvania for a (much too short) visit in a little over a week. I am having a harder time figuring out what clothes I want to take for baby girl than I am figuring out what I want to take for me. Why are all kids so stinking cute?!

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