Monday, November 15, 2010


8. Target // 22. Thrifted Gap // 29. Steve Madden // Tights - Gift, via Anthro
This is me trying to get my gigantic dog out of the photo. It looks like I'm being much more mean than I actually am. I normally get at least five shots with some part of a dog in them.

I was in a bad place when I bought these shorts. No, not at bad part of town but a bad mental place. I had just bought and returned several different pairs of olive cargo-ish pants. I swear I tried every store in town to find the perfect pair and I still came up empty handed. It was a rough patch in my relationship with shopping and clothing in general. I was feeling left out, abandoned and angry. So, naturally, I went to a sidewalk sale - adult clothing was $.50, who could say no? I actually went twice because I had second thoughts about not buying a sweater that I saw during round one. These shorts were unearthed during round two. There I was, waiting in a super long line when I looked down and saw I bit of olive peaking out from under a HUGE pile of junk. Having recently been let down by the color olive, I was a bit apprehensive about going in for the grab but I did it. Out came these babies. Admittedly, they are cargo-ish but where they TOO cargo-ish? I figured for $.50 I would find out. 

The verdict: I like them - perfect color, great rise, just the right length. The bf said I looked like the late Crocodile Hunter. I beg to differ. I don't see him rocking polka dot tights with his cargo shorts.

Anyway, happy ending.

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Iris said...

I love happy endings! These shorts are so cute and what a steal :O

On another note, I think you have the best tights... they are so fun!

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