Tuesday, November 16, 2010


6. Target // 13. Forever 21 // 25. JCPenny

I have a short rant. Actually, it is more like a common sense public service announcement.

Dear North Texans,

Yes, it is getting chillier. This happens from time to time, roughly every November/December. You give up your rights to complain about how "cold" it is if you are wearing shorts and flip flops. The same goes for skirts/dresses sans tights with Uggs. Uggs, alone, will not keep the rest of your body toasty.

Thank you,

Now, I realize that I may have a slightly higher tolerance for the cold being from Pennsylvania and all but I find it insanely irritating when people continually complain about how cold they are when they're wearing inappropriate clothing in 50*F weather. You don't see me bundling up in jeans, boots and a scarf in the middle of July and then complaining about how hot I am, do you? No. I wear as little clothing as possible and THEN I complain about it, hehe. But, in all seriousness, what the heck people? Do we have no common sense anymore?

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